Kevin Niedig performs on May 11

Kevin Neidig‘s approach never fails to present a different perspective – lyrically and musically. With his use of intricate timing, ingenuity with keys and tempos, and a dizzying contortion of chords, it’s easy to understand why other musicians clamor to play his compositions for the thrill and sheer workout of it. He delivers impeccably crafted, hand-hewn tunes – a perfect turn of word here, transforming melodies there – lush, tuneful journeys not to be missed.

From first note, you notice honed, flexible vocals, at once at ease with old-as-the-hills bluegrass as the latest pop number on the radio. There’s authenticity underlying all the flow, and a comfort level with an impressive range – high and soulful to deep and baleful. Clear and powerfully emotive, Kevin’s voice commands you to listen time and again as you marvel at how your soul is stirred with each play.

He has been described as a singer-songwriter and maestro of guitar, banjo, mandolin, influenced by Darrell Scott, Tim O’Brien, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck and Tony Rice. He can get eclectic, too – doing the occasional metal tune, Foo Fighters, Allman Brothers Band, etc.

As part of the band Voxology, Kevin performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City as well as opening for such renowned acts as Doc Watson, Peter Rowan, Tom Paxton and the Alison Brown Quartet.

He is also the owner of Neidig Guitar Studio, established 17 years ago in Mechanicsburg, PA, where he teaches guitar and mandolin to a roster of talented and inspiring students.

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